Longarm Services

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Ethol House Quilt Company is a professional longarm quilting service provider, which offers edge-to-edge quilting with thousands of patterns to choose from, as well as pick up and drop off at local quilt shops and quilt guilds in the Hudson Valley and Connecticut.


I operate an Innova Autopilot Mach 3, which enables me to create quilts utilizing computer assisted and hand guided designs and techniques. Working closely with the quilt piecer to optimize their desires regarding the finished product is something that I enjoy. It is my goal that when I am finished I have complimented your quilt. I will do everything possible to attain that goal. The first step is working with you during the process of meeting your needs.

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Edge-to-Edge Pricing

Pricing is determined by the stitch design density and thread usage required.

Meandering (all over puzzle type design) is $0.025 per square inch
Mild Pantograph (edge to edge all over design) is $0.030 per square inch
Intricate Pantograph (edge to edge all over design) is $0.040 per square inch
Custom designs (determined after consultation) is a minimum of $0.045 per sq. inch


Design Pattern Choices


Pickup & Drop Off Locations


Pickup & drop off can also occur at monthly quilt guild meetings in New York and Connecticut.


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